Features & Benefits

Although other ROI calculation models exist, users of our ROIpro model like :
  • The model’s VERSATILITY.  It can be used for ANY business improvement initiative or program in any business function.
  • The model’s INSIGHTS gained.  Because the model’s design was constructed through a business process lens, managers often gain a more thorough understanding of the ripple effect throughout an entire organization due to a program initiated in a single department.  In addition, the model provides comparative performance scenarios relative to industry peers.
  • The model’s EASE OF USE.  No financial background is required to use it, as the model is self-directed (similar to popular personal income tax software) with a robust tutorial module.
  • The model enables INITIATIVE OWNERSHIP by MANAGERS rather than by outside consultants.  It’s ideal for managers who are seeking to elevate their individual status within their organization.
  • The model’s VALUE.  Very few business tools exist are as affordable, versatile, easy to use, and require no prior financial experience yet offers the potential to positively impact a manager’s competency and a company’s performance as profoundly as TRAVYRS’s ROIpro SaaS model.