ROIpro is built on the ROI Model, developed in 1991 by Bob Dawson. The foundation for The Dawson ROI Model included approaching any ROI program design from a business process perspective. As Dawson worked successfully with clients over the years he developed a SaaS application that tracked the financial and non-financial metrics associated with his model, including determining reliable net incremental profit projections and a program budget that would ensure that clients met or exceeded their objectives.
While ROIpro and the way it is offered is new, the solution is a time tested and proven ROI Model. Since its’ inception in 1991:
  • 862 programs operated
  • 681 different companies
  • 236 different NAICS industries
  • 98% of the programs repeated for at least 3 years
  • 88% of the programs repeated over 7 years
  • 100% of these programs obtained a positive incremental ROI

An easy use SaaS offering, ROIpro model enables  managers to:

  • Effectively “sell” a proposed initiative or program to senior management by presenting a quantified ROI summary with supporting detail,
  • Manage the execution of the program according to assumptions and budgets developed in the model,
  • Conduct a program post-mortem to understand its true ROI, how the company performed relative to industry peers, and what changes need to be made to future initiative iterations.