ROI Model Application

Using ROIpro, initiative owners can plan and precisely track financial objectives, other qualitative benefits and anticipated costs of initiatives.  In fact, once populated, the model becomes the “Roadmap to Success” for the planned initative.  Managers can refer to the model and its planned assumptions, budgets, touchpoints, and necessary management & communication routines when conducting periodic initative progress meetings.  In so doing, managers proactively manage their program rather than react when it may be too late.

Because of The ROIpro model’s flexibility, it can easily be used for ANY performance improvement initiative or program – not just the traditional Revenue/Sales objectives typically touted in ROI-related discussions and/or business reviews.   Examples of performance improvement initiatives that can be assessed with ROIpro model include:
  • Sales and channel incentive programs
  • Customer loyalty programs & strategies
  • Gross and Net Margin improvement
  • Cash flow improvement
  • SG&A expense improvement
  • Accounts Receivable Collections Improvement
  • Inventory Turn Improvement
  • Gross and Net Margin Improvement